Construction site

Tethered DJI Matrice 200

Overall camera surveillance

There are hundreds of possible scenarios where drones can be a great tool to do surveillance. Using modified drones, we can keep the drones in the air for hours instead of just 20 minutes per set of batteries. The option of swapping cameras allows us to choose the right camera for your project.

Here are a few examples where drones might be an asset:

Thermal image of a roof

IR camera surveillance

Thermal cameras allow us to see things we can't see with the naked eye. With IR cameras we can detect anomalies in temperature such as a person in the bushes or a component which isn't working properly.

Doing routine flights with a thermal camera attached to a drone can help us prevent potential problems. If a certain component is heating up too fast, we can shut down the machine before anything breaks. Another great example is a demolition area. A drone can do a quick last check to see if there's nobody in the area. Even if that person is hidden, we might detect him / her because of the heat our body radiates.

We use high resolution, quality cameras for the best results possible. The higher resolution allows us to see more details so we can easily determine the shape of a hot spot on the screen. It can avoid small mistakes and save us a lot of time.


Black & White photo of a crowd at an event

Routine surveillance flights

When organizing an event on location there's a lot of material involved such as marquees, forklifts, tools, screens, lights, ... and often those locations don't offer camera surveillance. That's when a security guard comes in place, but the problem is a security guard can only see so much. With a drone it's possible to see a lot more from the air and at night it's possible to attach an IR camera which can detect people by measuring the heat in the area.

A drone also is much faster, so the intruders have less time to hide. We're not saying a drone can replace a security guard but it's a great tool to increase the on-site security.

Crowd control

Crowds on festivals and large events can be a potential danger. History has taught us that if a crowd panics it could lead to horrible accidents. 

A drone can help maintain an overview of the crowd and help detect possible problems in the path the visitors must take. If, for example, a ticketing machine doesn't work properly we can see people starting to line up. A crowd often isn't very patient because they don't know what's going on and why they must wait. Detecting this problem in advance can save precious time gathering extra staff to get the visitors inside as efficient as possible. 

Another possible danger is overheating. Standing in line on a hot summer day isn't very pleasant and some people can handle the heath better than others. Using a drone, we can quickly see someone fainting and it's easy to pinpoint the exact location to the medical staff, so they don't waste time maneuvering through a crowd and searching for the person in need.

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