Road Surveys

Scanning the area

3D Scan of a truck

2D & 3D scans

Using photogrammetry, we can map the trajectory a convoy must follow. It can be done in 2D and in 3D. 2D may be enough in most cases to measure the width of the road and the available space to maneuver. 2D orthographs are a low-cost and time-efficient way to map an area. 

3D mapping takes more time, but it might come in handy when there are bridges and other structures involved. In 3D we can measure the height of the bridge or the streetlights to see how much clearance we must pass through.

Besides scanning the area, we can also scan the convoy in 3D to simulate the trajectory later or to take all necessary measurements. It may help visualize how much space is needed to maneuver through the trajectory. 

2D plan drawing of a truck path on a roundabout

Information is saved for later use

Our 2D and 3D maps can be used to reconstruct detailed CAD plans up to 2cm accuracy. These plans can then be used to simulate the trajectory the convoy must follow. Simulations can help us eliminate certain problems that might occur, or they can help us prepare for possible hazards.

In the end, having detailed 2D or 3D plans at your disposal of previous trajects can save time and money for future projects. CAD plans, for example, don't take up much space and are a great way to save valuable information and measurements. 

Elevation model of a road

How does it work?

If we receive the trajectory we need to inspect we'll have a look at it using "Google street view". It allows us to visualize the terrain we need to cover and to understand what your needs are. We love working with drones and the potential they come with, but in some cases, there are better alternatives. When we believe we can help you in a cost- and time-efficient way, we will send you an estimation of how much time we would need to cover the whole trajectory. 

After our flights we'll send you a 2D or 3D map of the area which allows you to take the necessary measurements for your project. If needed, we can also take these measurements and send you a detailed report. Or we could also reconstruct the 2D or 3D map in a CAD file, which is a simpler format to handle.

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