Clients we've worked with
Aertssen Logo Black and WhiteRenewi Logo - clients we've worked withInflights Logo - clients we've worked withFound & Baker Logo - clients we've worked with
Sommer Needlepunch Logo - clients we've worked withDigimax Logo - clients we've worked withRotqry Dendermonde Logo - clients we've worked with
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Flyer for the Rotary Wine Sale by TK Droneservice

Rotary Dendermonde

Every year the Rotary Club from Dendermonde organises events and a wine sale to support local charities. Our illustrations are used on their website and on their flyers.

Poster for the Pars & Cage Radioshow by TK Droneservice

Pars & Cage Radioshow

Pars & Cage host a radioshow on Radio X and we've designed multiple flyers and banners for their Facebook page.

Card for GITO Studios by TK Droneservice


This logo was made for an art studio which takes recycling very serious. GITO stands for “Garbage In, Treasure Out”.

Suburban Poster design by TK Droneservice


Suburban is a dubstep and drum & bass party we've been part of in the past. We tailormade all the on- and offline communication for these events.

Walleista Logo design by TK Droneservice


A logo for a young, talented drum & bass DJ who’s personal name meant “bear”. Walleista is derived from an ancient Scandinavian word for bear.

Spectral Poster and social media design by TK Droneservice


Spectral is a festival in Germany which hosts a variety of music genres. They're always looking for an out of the box design that represents the idea behind Spectral.

Press photo for The Knight by TK Droneservice

The Knight

The Knight is an allround dj on the road to succes and we often partner up to make business cards, postcards, social media content, ... Anything you can think of.

Dimension Poster design by TK Droneservice


A local party for all those who love harder styles. We've made the poster and the designs to announce the artists online.

Woman wearing T-shirt with a cute dog illustration by TK Droneservice

Various Illustrations

From time to time we make illustrations of the things around us and slap them on a T-shirt, clock, mug, ... for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Project Video for Aertssen in Hanau by TK Droneservice

Projectvideo Aertssen, Hanau

Aertssen installed 8 generators in Hanau, Germany and we put together a video of how it was done. Most filming and editing was done by TK Droneservice.

Bloemencorso aftermovie

Bloemencorso Sint-Gillis

We had the opportunity to capture this yearly event in Sint-Gillis Dendermonde. Think of carnaval, but all floats are made of flowers. All filming and editing done by TK Droneservice.

Digital Elevation Model of a garden

Photogrammetry garden

The owners wanted to know the size of the plot and the accuracy of the actual boundries. Turns out, through the years some boundries had moved away from their actual location.

IVC Group Vinyl flooring installation video

Vinyl Installation Video

During the pandemic IVC Group vinyl flooring was used in the vaccination centres. This is a video of how the product is used and installed. And yes, we flew our drone inside!

Project Video for Aertssen in Brussels by TK Droneservice

Projectvideo Aertssen, Brussels

Aertssen asked us to document their project on this beautiful location in the capital of Belgium. All filming and editing was done by TK Droneservice.

Smiley Truckshow Aftermovie

Smiley's Truckshow

Smiley's crew organises an anual truckshow in Baasrode where truckers from all over the country gather to show off their trucks and have a drink together.

Immo / Real estate Video for Found & Baker in Aalst

Immo Video for F&B

This video was used to sell the loft in the video. All filming and editing done by TK Droneservice.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography

Some pictures of our beloved hometown, Lebbeke.