2D & 3D mapping

2D Mapping

point cloud and orthophoto of a work site made with photogrammetry


The basic principle of photogrammetry is simple. You take lots of pictures from an area with a certain overlap and afterwards all these photos are stitched together to form one big "map". The science behind creating maps with centimeter accuracy is much more than just taking pictures, but that is the basis.

Thanks to the accurate GPS modules in our drones we can geolocate these maps on the globe. This means we can take real life measurements using a 2D or 3D map. These maps can be a real time saver when drawing floorplans because you don't have to measure every point separately and if you've missed a certain object in the drawing you can always check the photogrammetry map. There's no need to go back to the site. 

Construction progress shot of a hangar

Tracking construction progress

Because the photogrammetric maps store information about altitude and GPS location we can easily track the progress of a construction site and the stockpiles. Doing a routine flight can offer great insights on when certain structures were installed, the amount of ground dug up from a pit or how much material is left to elevate the ground level.

Depending on your needs we can make a 2D or 3D map or just shoot a quick video of the overall construction site. This might be useful to check which contractors were on site during a specific period and when they finished building a certain part of the project.

3D Mapping

3D model of a church made with photogrammetry

Architecture & renovation

Using photogrammetry, we can recreate any object in 3D. In architecture it's often used to plan the renovation of a building. The 3D model with accurate measurements is a great guideline to design the new building. 

It's also possible to recreate a whole museum in 3D, inside and out. TK Droneservice specializes in creating an accurate map from the outside of a building but there are many ways to do the same from the inside. This can be an ideal solution to offer virtual tours to customers. 

3D design

Think about an open world video game in your city, how cool would that be? Well, it's not impossible! Using a drone to do 3D photogrammetry almost any area can be recreated virtually or may serve as a basis for the next big animation film.

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